My "stack" is a list of most of the hardware, software, and other tools that I use regularly.

This website..

see /colophon


  • - my main workstation is a 2019 Macbook pro
  • - when at my desk, I dock my laptop, hooked up to one Acer KA272 and one Lenovo Q24i-10
  • - peripherals are an Apple Magic Trackpad and an Apple Magic Keyboard
  • - a RaspberryPi 3B+ functions as a general purpose home server
  • - a Lenovo ThickCentre M58E from 2009 is currently sitting unused
  • - 4.5TB is allocated to general backup storage


  • - I use macOS Ventura for my daily OS
  • - on servers I run Ubuntu 22.x.x LTS
  • - for a terminal emulator I use Alacritty
  • - in the terminal, I use:
    • - Tmux for multi-plexing
    • - neoVim for code writing and general purpose prose in markdown
    • - too many other command-line tools to list
  • - I just recently switched my browser to Vivaldi, and have been enjoying it
  • - Spark is my email client
  • - I use Obsidian for note taking and knowledge management
  • - Spotify is my source for digital music
  • - Bitwarden is my password manager

Development tools and languages

  • My web stack is:
    • - Typescript for everything Javascript can do + type safety
    • - React with TSX for front-end stuff
    • - Next.js for SSG
    • - git + Github for version control
    • essentially JAMstack, without a CMS


I am by no means an audiophile, but do enjoy audio gear..

  • - on my desk, I have a set of secondhand Sterling MX5 powered monitors
  • - a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 connects them to my computer
  • - I run an AudioTechnica AT2020 microphone through there as well
  • - my analog stereo setup consists of:
    • - a Uturn Audio Custom Orbit fully manual turntable
    • - a Sony DVP-NC875V 5 CD disc-changer
    • - a Technics SA-EX110 stereo receiver
    • - a pair of Yamaha NS-A528 bookshelf speakers